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How long does training take?
What to do if you're experiencing symptoms
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  • Chair Adjustment Instructions
  • Keyboard Tray Adjustment Instructions


    Start the Training

    We STRONGLY recommend that you complete all modules in this section from start to finish to ensure you've covered all aspects of a good workstation setup.

    Once you've completed the training, feel free to review any module by clicking on one of the following links:



    How Long Does Training Take?

    It usually takes about 30 minutes to review all the modules. Add more time if you need to make adjustments.


    What To Do if You're Experiencing Symptoms

    This training includes information on how to set up a proper workstation. It does not include information about Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders(WMSDs).

    If you are experiencing any symptoms of a WMSD such as numbness, pain, tingling, swelling, etc., please take the following steps:

    1. Notify your supervisor.
    2. Submit an Accident Illness Report (AIR) form (PDF file).
    3. Contact the Occupational Health Nurse.
    4. Complete the training, making any necessary changes to your workstation.
    5. Be sure to review the WMSD section of the EH&S Ergonomics Web Site

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