Employee Emergency Fund Program

The Employee Emergency Fund Program is designed to provide limited financial assistance to eligible employees who are experiencing economic hardship due to certain emergency situations.

Situations should be short-term or temporary in nature, and not chronic. Employees will be referred to an appropriate source (i.e., community agency, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, etc.) if their situations do not apply here.

A personal or family crisis involving an emergency financial need, unexpected medical expenses which exceed insurance provisions resulting in economic hardship, or an uninsured loss due to fire which resulted in economic hardship are just some situations eligible for consideration under this fund.

A committee of five employees will review the request and make a determination within two weeks or sooner depending on the circumstances. The employee will then be notified of the decision by the Program Administrator. All requests will be kept confidential. The Committee will not be given information pertaining to the applicant's identity to ensure confidentiality.

This is a grant which will be treated as taxable income subject to FICA and Federal Withholding. Any approved amount (including taxes) will be deducted from this fund. Eligible employees can apply twice in a calendar year. The maximum amount allowed may be up to $1,000.00. The maximum amount may be increased given extenuating circumstances or if additional funds become available.

Approval of an application can be either partially or fully funded depending on the situation. Employees are not required to pay back a grant, however, they are encouraged to do so, since this will help replenish the fund for future requests. If the grant is paid back, it will be treated as a charitable contribution and may be deductible for tax purposes.

The Employee Emergency Fund is currently funded through a grant from the Employee Advisory Committee (EAC). Other sources of funding will be looked at to help support the program.

Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply

  1. Request and complete a grant application. You can also obtain an application by contacting the Program Administrator at x5646. Applications are also available at each building.

  2. A grant application must be completed in order to be considered for financial assistance. Documentation must also be attached to the application upon submitting for review. Financial disclosure is a requirement. Incomplete applications will be returned, which can cause delays.

  3. The completed application and attached documentation should be sent to "HR-EEF" at J1-105, marked "Confidential". Applications and documentation without the applicant's identity will be forwarded onto the Employee Emergency Fund Committee for review.

  4. The Committee will review the application and make a determination within two weeks or sooner upon receiving the application. In cases of dire emergencies, the Committee will try to make a decision within 72 hours. If additional information is required, the employee will be contacted by the Program Administrator. Once a decision has been reached, the employee will be notified as soon as possible; first by phone, then by letter.

  5. If the application has been approved, a check will be mailed to the grant recipient or designate as soon as possible. If the application has not been approved, the employee will have the option of appealing the decision, but must do so by contacting the Program Administrator within 5 working days upon notification of the decision. If there is no response from the employee, it will be considered closed.

  6. If the employee chooses to appeal, it is the employee's responsibility to contact the Program Administrator for information on the appeal process and to submit other documentation which would help support the request for financial assistance.

  7. If the Committee does not approve the application the second time, then the matter will be closed.

For more information please contact Human Resources at 667-4700.

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