FHCRC Consent Forms: Tools and Tips

On this page: requirements, model consent forms (templates), resources for writing better consents, and recruitment.

Relevant IRB policies/procedures:

  • Informed Consent (Policy 2.11) [pdf]
  • Recruitment and Compensation (Policy 2.0) [pdf]

[all IRB policies/procedures]


Model consent forms (templates)

Note: This consent form is intended for studies that involve minimal risk or low risk to participant; the IRB's review will include a determination about level of risk. If you need advice before submission about whether this form is appropriate, please contact an IRB analyst.

Note: This is not the consent form for stem cell donors. For standard donor consent forms, contact Bonnie Samsel (206-288-2250) or Steve Johnson (206-288-1287) at SCCA. If you need advice about whether Consent R is required, please contact an IRB analyst.


Other Information

Pre-signed consent forms should not be used. A signature line for a principal investigator or researcher is required only for research needing to comply with International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines.   If the research study requires a signature by the principal investigator or study staff, there are several options:

Please contact James Riddle, IRO Assistant Director at (206) 667-6501 or Karen Hansen, IRO Director at (206) 667-4867 with your questions regarding pre-signed consent forms.


All study recruitment materials that will be used to recruit potential research participants and method of compensation must first receive IRB review and approval prior to use of the material. For more information, see the IRB policy/procedure on Recruitment and Compensation (Policy 2.0) [pdf] [all IRB policies/procedures]

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